Is There A Need To Sign Exclusively Agreement With An Agent As Buyer?

All About Signing Exclusively Agreement With An Agent As Buyer, Whether It Is Necessary or Not & Much More
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If you get an idea from any buyer about his experience in real estate, most of the times you will get to hear not such exciting stories; as their main point would be if they could make the buyer to sign exclusively agreement with an agent as a buyer.

Most of the times it happens that when the home buyer made his final offer, at that time, he presented his proposal with the help of another broker or real estate agent, and this is not the buyer's fault in most of the cases.

In fact, the agent should explain the home buyer about the business transaction process. In typical business transaction process, the agent used to work with the buyer for about a few weeks to several months, and in this duration, the usual agent would work as follows:

Get introduced the buyer with the lenders and help them obtain the preapproved loan letters. Provide listings through emails which determine the requirement of the buyer.
Calling listing agents for more details and fix their availability.

Setting an appointment with the sellers, before exploring the homes. Driving buyer to various homes and sometimes touring out of the city with a buyer, which can take several days, making buyer to visit and see the potential homes.

Research for the buyers to have comparable rates.

The real estate agents are committed to doing the above work for the buyer, and if one day they listen from the buyer that they have already seen one house while driving outskirts of the town and have also finalized the deal, it may be excited for the buyer, but this will upset the agent.

Buyer's Real Estate Agents Would Like To Have The Compensation

Buyer's agents would always like to sign an agreement with the buyer in the same way the listing agents sign a formal listing agreement with the seller.
The buyer's broker agreement is usually bilateral same as the listing agreements, which spells out the rights and duties of both the parties. As we all know the bilateral agreements or contracts are a promise to be made in exchange for the promise, so in case if agent failed to perform his duties buyer can fire him at any point of business transaction.

How To Find Buyer's Real Estate Agent?

Most of the times the buyers are referred from family and friends or co-workers, and best wat to find an agent is having a referral. But it may happen that the buyer is moving to the new locality and don't have many contacts in the new area then it is not advisable to trust the referral source.

Then buyers can find the agents as given below: Search Over the Internet: Buyer can always find the online listings of the homes for sale and can quickly get an idea which agent has listed most of the homes in the desired neighborhood. But as these are listing agents, they would be more likely to represent seller than the buyer.

So, you should do the online research and get the real estate agent in your area; you can also search over various websites where agents use to maintain their national profiles such as - or Active Rain. Opt For 'Open Houses': Most of the times an agent hosting the open house may not be the listing agent, you need to ask them.

These 'Open Houses' are an excellent opportunity for the buyers to get to know more about the agents with direct interaction. As a buyer, if you feel that the agent is experienced and knowledgeable, you can always get in touch with him. You can always research more about the agent from his websites and other sources.

Whether The Buyer Should Sign An Exclusive Agreement Or Not?

Most of the buyers get uncomfortable when the agent who has they searched over the internet sends them with the buyer's broker agreement and have not met in person. In most of the cases, buyers first like to meet the agent before signing any such agreement, as they want to get comfortable and like to decide a that the agent is a good match for them.

Buyers like to interview the agents before they start to work with them, but before signing any agreement you should take precautions of the things given below:

Opt For Short Term Agreement:

As a buyer, you can always negotiate the term of the buyer-broker agreement. Most of the agents would like to, have a 90 days term, but you are always free to minimize the term and can even ask them for 24 hours term or whatever which suits you.

Request For A Nonexclusive Agreement:

These agreements will provide some compensation to the agents in case you end up buying the home referred by the first agent. This agreement protects the agent by establishing the procuring clause, but as a buyer, you are always free to work with any other agent. Get To Know The Agent Before Signing: You can always request the agent to spend some time with them, it will help you to understand them more.

You can always ask them to spend half days with them looking for some houses, and if you feel comfortable, you can always sign the buyer's broker agreement. It is always advisable not to work with the agent who is too curious too, start the work with you, and even you have not even met.


Specify Work Area & Terms:

Most of the agreements have many details about the property, but if you feel something lacking in the agreement, you can always define the work areas and terms to the agent and request him to include the specified things in the contract.

Get A Guarantee:

You always a guarantee to the agent, and many will like to do it if you ask them. It means if you both are not liking the working of each other or your personalities clash you can always release them from agreement and agent can also do, the same. In this way, you are not liable to work with the agent if he/she is too pushy, makes an argument or have a stubborn nature and this works for the agents too.

You should understand that you agree with the broker and this not with the broker and the client which is made in real estate agreement. At any moment if you are not so happy with the agent, you can always contact the broker for the replacement.

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