Tips To Remove Old Photographs Of Your Home For Sale

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If you want to sell your home, you will try to advertise on all possible platforms which include real estate website too. With increasing use of the internet, sellers would like to maximize their profits by giving advertisements of their homes for sale on various online platforms and websites. But you should remove old photographs of your home for sale.

Most of the time it has been observed that websites don't take care of the privacy of these sellers after the home closing has been done or the buyer's privacy after the transaction is being done.


Your Home Photographs, After It Is Being Sold

The funny happens here is that when the buyers become the homeowners and they don't want the photos of their homes to be on various websites.

Before buying the home the buyers may have listed with these photographs which are available on various platforms across the internet, they must have shared the links to their prospective homes to their friends and relatives but as soon as the sale closes the buyers start to think differently; as they are now the home-owners.

So, basically what was the fantasy at some time, becomes a reality now for the new homeowners and they can now claim the ownership.

The feeling of being an owner is now got very intense and extremely private feeling, so the new homeowners start to feel invaded by the photographs of their home available on various websites.

They don't want that their bedroom photos or the picture of their dishwasher catch the eyeballs of anyone and they want to remove the pictures as soon as possible.

There can be many legal options available for this, and it can vary, most of the lawyers are in the opinion that the photos do not belong to the new homeowners and they have not legally inherited it.

So, in this sense, they have not any right to demand the removal of those photographs which was posted by the seller on various websites. It is also important here that some pictures cannot be removed, in any matter.


New Home-Owners Can Take Help Of MLS In Never-Ending Galaxy

If as a new homeowner you want the photos should be removed from your home, you should start by figuring out how the photos ended up where they are in the first place.

You can start by approaching the MLS (Multi-Level Services). As per your local MLS, you can approach them as they might have distributed your home photos to about 100-plus websites. These websites include popular websites too like Zillow, Trulia or Realtor dot com which are the three big names in the industry.

There is always a possibility that these big websites must have distributed the related data to their sister websites.

Most of the real estate agents must have the blog on their websites and several other websites with the photos of the home. You have to also look at the social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram where many other users have snatched and share those photos on their homepage.

And the galaxy is huge, and you will never understand where to go and from where to start. You will always try to explore each step of photo distribution with confidence but without any results or desirable success.


Good Way To Remove Your Home Photographs From The Popular Websites

One of the better and good ways to remove those home photographs from various websites is to give them the offer that you want to purchase them.

You can also make the removal of these photos from MLS a contingency of sale. It means that once you have closed your home closing deal and in your loan funding stage you can always ask the listing agent to remove all of the photographs immediately from their mothership, MLS.


Another Ways To Remove Your Home Photos From Sale Websites

In case you got late to remove the photographs in the manner given above, and you have already closed, and you still like to remove the photos from various websites.

You can start it with the listing agent, and you can politely and nicely request him to remove the photos and can state your case.

There is always a possibility that the listing agent is not taking you seriously and your request might seem insignificant to him, but you should always be calm and realize that if he could remove the photos, it could mean a lot to you.

Listing agents have got access are having some of the websites, and you can request him to remove the photos from the websites where is having access like Zillow.

You should understand the listing agent is not under any obligations to listen to your request, at least in the city of California is concerned they are not, as per many legal advisors. But most of the real estate agents and brokers would always like to have a goodwill in the society, and they might always help you out in this situation.


Try It Yourself

You can also create your account in the Zillow and can remove the old photographs by yourself. You need to sign in your account and claim the home. Once you have home claimed by you, it is always possible for you to edit and remove the photographs.

You can also take the help from the Zillow customer service representative if you find this step tough. Zillow also forwards its listing to Trulia, so in case you have removed it from Zillow, it will have automatically been removed from Trulia too.

In most of the other websites except MLS, will also remove your photographs if you take help from their customer service representative or department.

MLS is a little bit tough in this and does not want to alter its research archives. To find the various websites, you need to put your address in the search box in any of your favorite search engines.

This way you will know in which websites your home photos are still available and then you can request their customer service department to do the favor for you.

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