Which Is A Better Purchase - One Story Or Two Story House

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New home buyers are always having one concern that which home they should opt for - one story or two story house. Most of the times it is observed you are ready to buy two story house, but your agent will convince you for the one story home. He will say that one story homes are more fashionable & attractive than two story houses. But you think that two story house will be the better option as far as making a good investment.


So, the big question is which home you should buy - one-story home or two-story home. Let's find out the answer below:

Whether a one-story home is the better investment or two-story home is right for you, it all depends on your priority and family size first of all. The home should catch your eyes, your local real estate market and the most important thing is that where the house is located. An excellent location of the house is the very important thing, and you should always buy the home as per where it is located.


Comparison Of One-Story Home With The Two-Story Home

You must have seen or met many people who said that single story home is much better than multiple story home, as one-story home are appealing to eyes. But the main thing which matters here is all about your taste, architectural style, etc. While opting to buy the home, you should always consider the factors given below:

  • The Yard Of The Home: There is always a possibility that the yard of the one-story home might be smaller. In most of the cases, the rules of your city define the garden size of your home. If the city code says that the building cannot occupy the 40% of the lot, in that case, the footprint of your home cannot exceed more than 1,280 square feet if the total size of the plot is 3,200 square feet. So, you should always check out the city code prescribed so that you can evaluate what will be the size of your yard, and who will not want to have the real big yard in their home.


  • Sound Might Travel Between The Rooms & Floors: There are many contractors, who believe that joists should be placed twelve inches apart on the second level or floor so that the sounds or squeaks from the floor can be reduced. The joists should be larger in case the home is old.

The bedroom may be located directly above your family room; then there is always a possibility that the sound may travel from the family room to the bedroom at night time. And if this is the case, it will be tough to sleep in the bedroom if the sound from television is traveling to his room.

If you are buying the home for the first time and was living in the rented apartment before then, you may have not tired of listening to the sounds traveling through the walls. But when you were buying a home for yourself, you should always make it a notice about the positioning of the rooms in your double story home as well as a one-story home.

  • Stairs Can be Inconvenient, Cumbersome or May Be Dangerous: The main reason that you will find many single levels home in an active adult community. As with age, it will become harder to climb the stairs. Older people are also having problems like knee pain, joints problems, or aches and this will make it difficult for them to go up freely and down the stairs.

If the family has small children, they will also not prefer to have stairs in their home. As, there can be a chance, that the child may slip and fall off the stairs.

Most of the parents install the gate at the top and as well the down of the stairs so that they prevent their children from falling off from it, but for many active and curious children, this won't be the stopping.

  • The staircase, the treads, risers, and landing will occupy the valuable space of the home depending on the layout of the house. There are also some people who believe in Feng Shui, and if the stairs are facing the fro door, it is considered as the bad feng shui.


  • It was also very tiresome to run up and down all day through stairs. In case you are on the upper floor of the house, and you want to get something from the kitchen, you have to travel down through stairs and walk all the passage to the kitchen and get the desired stuff, and this is very irritating sometimes.


  • So instead of walking this much distance, you will always prefer to walk from your hall to kitchen to get the stuff. Another hassle is carrying laundry up and down through the stairs; you should always pick out where the laundry is located versus the bedrooms, in your two-story home before you buy it.        

All the information given above is just to help out new home buyers to keep some points in mind before going for a single or double story home. But still the main thing is the taste of the home buyer, so always go with your instinct and analyze all the relevant factors before buying the home.

It is also seen that in most of the suburban areas a single story home is preferable and sells the lot faster than the double story home. In the older city areas, it is seen that most of the people prefer to have a double story home for themselves.

Additionally, you should keep in in your mind if you are going to buy the one-story house, you should always see that the two-story homes do not surround it. It will be very cumbersome for you if you get surrounded by two-story homes, as there will be lots of noise problem and also maybe you will not get the direct sunlight at some phase of the day. Good luck to you believe your instincts, evaluate important factors and just go for it.

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