Pros and Cons Of Buying Newer or Older Home

Get To Know All About Buying Newer Or Older Home
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If you are all set and make up your mind to buy a home, you will also have to analyze which house you should buy. As you want, to go out to buy a newer home or old home for yourself. You should always evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of buying newer or older home.

It was the time when new home used to be costlier than the old homes, but we are living the technologically advanced world, this is not true anymore. With the increasing costs of the land, the size of the house has also reduced, at least in California. As now a day's people use to crawl from through a bedroom window and then into the window of the home next door. Homes are nowadays are that close to each other.

The other factor which affects the price of the home nowadays is that construction cost is cheaper as it will always be less expensive to use '2 by 4' pine framing or engineered wood against '2 by 6' redwood and also one can use drywall instead of plaster.

The home buyers who like to have the home in the inner-city in their desired neighborhood will usually find larger lot sizes, and the cost of the homes will also be more in comparison with entry-level new homes, which are being developed in latest subdivisions and are on the outskirts of the city.

In the sections given below, you will get to see the pros and cons of old and newer homes, which you should always consider while opting out to buy the home for you.


Benefits of Buying An Older Home


Old World Solid & Strong Construction:

It is a well-known fact that older homes have stood for decades, some for centuries and weathered many storms. Most of the old homes were built with strong building materials and by skilled artisans and engineers which gave close attention to each detail. So as far as durability is concerned older homes are very strong and having methodical construction.


Old Homes have Larger Yard:

There was the time when the land was much cheaper, and builders use to provide larger yard and garden area with the homes. In old homes there was also sufficient space for the garage and homes were also constructed on larger plot.


Old Home Are More Creative And Have to Character:

It was the period of the 1890s when the craftsmen bungalows originated in California. But in present scenario they can be seen everywhere all across the U.S. There are also other traditional styles like - Victorians, Greek Revivals, Colonials, and Tudors.

There were many interesting architectural features which were found in these homes, such as the creative arches, hand-crafted decorative walls, and appointments, or windows with stained glass. But nowadays as the technique and engineering of constructing the building and houses have changed you won't find these types of creations and craft today.  


Old Homes have Long terms Neighborhood:

There are many old houses and buildings which are passed down through the generations. It means that the neighbors know each other, but in new homes, you won't be able to get the neighbors & friends who know you, and you need some time to have to get known to each other.


Neighborhood Is Already Being Established:

In old areas, it is improbable that you will experience any zoning changes. It is very beneficial to you as you won't get irritated with any noise or Hooters restaurants, they will not fare well in the residential areas.


Full Of Greenery & Vegetation:

In old homes, you will find the surrounding is filled with lots of greenery and vegetation. You may even get trees a hundred years old which provide canopies in yards boulevards. And who will not like the beauty of nature and can enjoy it in close.


Old Homes Are Closer To All Necessities And Restaurants:

It is evident that most of the old homes are located near the downtown areas if you opted for the old homes you most of the time all necessities will at your walking distance like - restaurants, coffee houses, and antique stores, etc.


Disadvantages Of Buying An Old Home


More Maintenance For Old Homes: 

You would always look for the perfect home for you, and once you get one, it will save your time and energy for maintenance and upgrade. But the biggest problem with the old home is that things tend to go wrong with time, and there will always be something in the home to fix. You may require periodic maintenance for the chimneys and stone foundations; you will also find that floors may be having the slope.


It Will Be Costly To Replace Wiring & Plumbing

In case your old home is built before the sewer system, then there will always be the possibility that cesspool might overflow into a drain. There will have most of the metal pipes in the homes which will be rust prone. Some sensitive electrical wiring may require replacement or grounding, and this will be very costly.


Small Space For Storage, Garage & Closets Area

As today we are following the concept of 'bigger is better,' but in those good old days, people had less clothing, fewer personal items and most of them were having only once. So, these sweet old homes were having smaller storage space and garage area.


Old Home May Require Updates:

There is always a possibility that you would like to upgrade the HVAC system of the home. There is a possible situation that you will need updating the kitchen and bathroom of the home.


Old Homes Are Often More Expensive:

It has been observed that classic and vintage old homes are expensive as they are located right areas. These old homes are also close to necessities like school, shopping, and other urban amenities.


Smaller Built-up Area & Square Footages:  

Most of the old homes are often smaller, even though the family sizes were much bigger at the time of their construction. So, you will find a small built-up area and square footages of the old home except for estates.


Advantages Of Buying Newer Homes


Less Maintenance For Newer Homes

When you have opted to buy a new home then at least for a few years there will not or very less maintenance for the new construction. So, when you live in your new home, you don't have to install basic amenities like the new roof or water heater.


New Home has Modern Convenience

In the new home, you will find many standard and trendy items; these include - built-in dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave, and wine coolers. These new homes will also have the master bedroom, exercise and media rooms and also with modern electrical equipment and the latest network wiring system.


Warranty From The Builder

In most of the cities in U.S. builder use to give at least a warranty of ten years, to the new homeowners. It is always advisable that you should always buy your new home from the reputable builder and just take a guarantee from them that they will stand behind the structure and components.


Energy Efficient:  

Most of the new constructions are provided with the solar panel which is connected to the electrical meter of the home. The new appliances are also energy efficient and use less energy, walls and ceilings of the new homes are insulated. These new homes come with dual pane windows which retain more heat in the cooler season and in addition to that will also help to keep home cool in the summer.


Built As Per Code

City code used to changes regularly, and these new homes usually address all the safety issues of the consumers and always confirm and maintain that all the laws regulate them.


Great Felling Of Owning Something New:

It is always a good and great feeling to own something brand new, and which was never used by anyone. It is the same feeling when you own the new car, in the same way owning a new home is having an emotional factor and will give you a great feel.


New Homes Are Often less Expensive

If the new home is not the custom; then there is always a possibility to be cheaper than those old homes which are built in the right location. Most of these homes are built in city outskirts, and location plays important factor while deciding the cost of the homes, so it is often observed that new homes are not that expensive.


Greater Built-up Area As On Average

It is always seen that most of the new homes are having 1000 square feet area in which two bedrooms are easily built. And if it is double story home in the suburbs, it will sell at the same price as the single-story house built up in 1000 square footages of the area. Due to lack of land, if the builder is not able to build out, they have started to build up.


Disadvantages Of Buying New Home


Most Of The New Construction Have Identical Floor Plan

Most of the people think that new homes are having the same constructions, identical roofs and similar to each other and they don't have any individuality. So, people believe that you have the similar home as your neighbor, but this is not a very big issue at least both the home are having the switches located in their same individual place.


Less Or Immature Vegetation

As the old homes are having the fancy of large trees and vegetation, new construction will have no or very less greenery and vegetation as it takes years to grow the trees and vegetation. Most of these new homes are having the magnificent front look, but all the yards are having a lot of dirt and without any greenery.


House Settling

New construction is built up everywhere, and most of this house settle, and this thing is happening with every new construction it does not matter on which soil it is built-up. Due to these house settling, it will cause cracks in the wall and door frames of the house, and you will require to update and maintain those cracks.


Essential Amenities Are At Longer Distance:

As most of these new homes are being constructed at the outskirts and suburbs of the city, and as the society is also newly developed you will find that all the basic and urban amenities are at a distance. And you have to rush to these amenities always and then you have to face the city traffic. So, if you want to have the home at the clean and outskirts of the city, you will also need to evaluate and know how long would be the necessities.  

The pros and cons given above about the new and old homes are for your references. But what matters is finally it all depends on your taste and conformability. You should always choose the home which satisfies your basic need, taste and life comfort. If you are a parent, you will always want that your home should be near school and other necessities should be near the home.

But if you are retired and want to enjoy the rest of the life in a calm and soothing place at the outskirts of the city, you can have the newly constructed home, but in addition to that, you will also not want to leave the place where you have to spend so many years of your life.

So, it all depends on your necessities and taste, the points given above are just for your guidelines so that it will help you to take the correct and informed decision. Most of the new home buyers also have much confusion about buying the home, and those pros and cons of an old and new home will make them choose the right home for themselves.

So, just have happy home hunting, and whether it is new or old it all about your emotions and inner peace.

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